Tuesday, May 24, 2016


X-Men: Apocalypse comes out this Friday and since I have been on the ball this year when it comes to putting together episodes that tie into the comic book films that are released I have not one but two episodes all about Marvel's Merry Mutants coming out this week.  Not only that both of those episodes feature special guest hosts Jon M Wilson (The Giant Superman Podcast, New 52 Adventures of Superman and Avengers Inspirations) and J David Weter (Dave's Daredevil Podcast)!

In this first installment of the series I decided to call X-Men in the Nineties Jon, Dave and I talk about the first thirteen issues of the adjective-less X-Men series that launched in 1991.  That's right...it's been twenty-five years since this series came out which means that kids born that year are now allowed to rent a car here in the United States.  We spend about two hours talking about Magento's "final" stand, the introduction of Omega Red, the crossover with Ghost Rider, how much I hate Mojo as a character, why Jim Lee leaving the title made me mad and how awesome Art Thibert's art was in issues twelve and thirteen.

During the course of the episode I mention certain images.  One of those was the trading card that showed the world what Omega Red looked like.  Or at least what he was originally going to look like.  I'm glad they took another pass at this.

The first issue of X-Men featured a handful of really nice pin-ups.  Actually three of these are really nice.  One of them is a prime example of the excesses of the '90s in terms of exploiting female characters for the sake of exciting heterosexual males.  I present the poolside pin-up in the interest of historical context and not because I like it.

Next Time: Come back in a few days for the second part of this series where Dave, Jon and I talk about the Mutant Crossover known as...X-Cutioner's Song!

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