Saturday, April 8, 2017


This time out Ryan Daly stops by to talk about the DC Comics mini-series Golden Age or, as it is commonly called now, JSA: The Golden Age.  This was a four issue Elseworlds story that took place after World War II and showed what happened to the members of the Justice Society and the All-Star Squadron in a post war America.  One of those heroes, Tex Thompson, becomes a major mover and shaker but what is his ultimate goal?  Listen in and find out what Ryan and I thought about the characters in this story and the story itself.

Ryan hosts or co-hosts a number of shows over at The Fire and Water Podcast Network.  There's Gimmie Those Star Wars, Batman: Knightcast, Power of Fishnets: The Black Canary and Zatanna Podcast, It's Midnight...The Podcasting Hour and the ended but still awesome Secret Origins Podcast.  Check out all of those shows because they are the awesome.

During the feedback section I mentioned Tom Panarese and the podcasts he produces.  Pop Culture Affidavit can be found at it's home base or over on the Two True Freaks site.  You can also find In Country at both of those sites as well.  Be sure to listen to Tom's Origin Story series because it's really good.

Next Time: No idea.  I'll have something but at the moment I am not quite sure what it is.