Tuesday, February 28, 2017


This time out I present the second part of my Bat Villains Year One two-parter, which is really just me finally putting out audio from the now ended Bailey's Batman Podcast.  Andy is still with me and we finish the series by looking at Batman: Shadow of the Bat Annual #3 (which has the origin of Poison Ivy), Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #5 (which has the origin of Man-Bat), and Detective Comics Annual #8 (which has the origin of the Riddler).  We also shake things up a bit and talk about Robin Annual #4 (which has the origin of...well, it has the origin of Robin).  The show turns into the Chuck Dixon Appreciation Society for a bit, which is not a bad thing because Dixon's writing is awesome.  Andy and I also discuss why the '90s was such a good decade for Batman and other fun stuff pops up along the way.

I also announce the new podcast Andy and I are putting out, which begins its run in May!

During the episode I read an email from Ryan Daly and mentioned the awesome show he co-hosts with Chris Franklin called Knightcast.  You can find that over on the Fire and Water Podcast Network site by clicking here.  On the same network you can find Ryan's amazing Secret Origins Podcast, which you can get to by clicking here.  

While I'm pimping stuff check out Robert Meyer's podcast Robin: Everyone Loves the Drake over at The Batman Universe.

And be sure to subscribe to Andy's various podcasts, which include The Fantasticast, Hey Kids Comics, The Palace of Glittering Delights and Listen to the Prophets: A Deep Space Nine Podcast.

Next Time: The Irredeemable Shag stops by to discuss the greatest year in comics...1987!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


From the vaults of the Fortress of Baileytude comes a lost episode of a show that is now done and dusted.  Back in 2015 Andrew Leyland and I sat down to record a two part episode of Bailey's Batman Podcast that was supposed to be part of a larger series of episodes focusing on Year One stories.  The first part of that series that didn't involve Andy never happened for various reasons and the audio just sat there until I could figure out what to do with it.  I figured that the time to release this audio is now since I am gearing up for a relaunch of sorts later this year.

There was a theme to the annuals DC Comics published in 1995 and that theme was Year One.  The idea was to tell stories set in the character in question's early days.  Batman already had a Year One, Two and Three so instead of rehashing his early days the powers that were decided to focus on the villains.  Andy and I thought it would be fun to dig into those stories (with two exceptions) but before we dug into those we hopped back to 1990 and read Batman Annual #14.  That annual told was all about the origin of Two-Face and had a narrative style very similar to Batman Year One.  More than anything it was a damn good story so we wanted to talk about it.  From there we discussed Batman Annual #19, which detailed the origin of the Scarecrow!

Be sure to tune in next time for the official announcement of the new podcast Andy and I are starting up in May!

Speaking of Andy and podcasts be sure to check out his other shows including Hey Kids Comics, The Palace of Glittering Delights, Listen to the Prophets: A Deep Space Nine Podcast and The Fantasticast!

Also, if you want to hear the episode of the Lonely Hearts Romance Comics Podcast that my wife Rachel and I appeared on just follow this link!

Next Time: More origins of the Bat Villains and possibly a sidekick as well!