Tuesday, May 10, 2016


STOP!  Before you listen to this episode head on over to Pop Culture Affadavit and download Episode 61 of that show for the first part of this conversation!  It's awesome and you should be listening to that show anyway.

This time out I am joined once again by Tom Panarese (he of the previously mentioned Pop Culture Affadavit blog and podcast as well as the fantastic In Country podcast) and we are going back to the '90s in this one to look at the late and somewhat lamented Wizard: The Guide to Comics.  Wizard was a big part of my comic book collecting in the '90s so I wanted to devote an episode to the magazine and Tom was game to join me on this trip down memory lane.  We kick things off with our Wizard origin stories as well as a brief history of the magazine.  After the break we go through Wizard #60 to give you an idea what a typical issue felt like.  Small tangents pop up from time to time and we take a few shots at the decade we love so much but mostly it's all about Wizard.

During the episode I mentioned an interview with Joe Quesada on Fatman on Batman, hosted by Kevin Smith.  That particular conversation took place on Episode 63 of the show, which you can find by clicking on this link and scrolling down.

Thanks again to Tom for coming on this episode.  This was a fun two parter and I can't wait to talk to him again.

Next Time: FINALLY...my dinner with Alan...and some other stuff.

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