Tuesday, May 3, 2016


This time out I wrap up my shameless attempt to gain new listeners and extra downloads by tying into an upcoming comic book movie with a conversation about the very awesome Captain America: Man Out of Time.  Joining me once again is my permanent semi-regular co-host Andrew Leyland (who hosts or co-hosts such shows as Hey Kids Comics, The Palace of Glittering Delights, The Fantasticast and Listen to the Prophets: A Deep Space Nine Podcast) and after spending eight minutes talking about the slate of DC Comics collected editions that are coming out in 2016 we talk about this seemingly little known Captain America story.  What was it like for Cap during the war?  How did he adapt to a future he knew nothing about?  What happens when he gets his fondest desire?  All of these questions are asked and answered either by Andy and me or by writer Mark Waid. 

(NOTE: Mark Waid is not actually on this episode.  He wrote the story limited series Andy and I talk about.  If Mark Waid would like to come on the show he is more than welcome but I assume he has better things to do.) 

We also talk about how Christian Kane (Eliot on the awesome show Leverage) NEEDS to be cast as Wolverine once Hugh Jackman steps down.  This is a moral imperative.  Kane was born to play Wolverine and if there is any justice this will happen.  Tweet the heck out of #ChristianKaneISWolverine.  We need to get a fire under Fox's collective asses.

Next Time: Tom Panarese stops by to talk about an artifact from the '90s!  Which artifact?  You'll find out next week.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


This time out I am starting a four part series that will pop up randomly over the course of 2016 to celebrate the twenty year anniversary of Heroes Reborn.  For those of you not "in the know" Heroes Reborn was an initiative Marvel launched in 1996 to breathe new life into four of its flagging properties.  To accomplish this goal they brought in Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee and let them reboot the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, the Avengers and Captain America.  Leading off this series is Captain America for no other reason than to tie into the upcoming film Captain America: Civil War.  

Joining me is Jon M Wilson (co-host of the Giant Superman Podcast and host of the New 52 Adventures of Superman) and when I type "joining me" I meant that literally.  Jon spent the weekend at my house when Batman v Superman came out and we thought it would be fun to record this face to face instead of over the Internet.  After checking out the copy of Captain America: The 75th Anniversary Vibranium Edition that my wife got me for Valentine's Day Jon and I dive heard first into the Jeph Loeb/Rob Liefeld issues of Captain America and revel in the energy and craziness and wonky perspective that make up those six issues.  After the break we get into the James Robinson issues of the series and all the retroactive continuity and high octane action that make up those stories.  

Be sure to keep an ear out towards the end of the episode for an exciting announcement regarding future episodes of this show!

Next Time: Andy Leyland stops by to talk about Captain America: Man Out of Time!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Before I get into the show notes I want to apologize to Alan Middleton.  This episode was supposed to be the conversation we had when he came to town a month or so back but because of my inability to read a calendar I had to bump that until May.

Sorry, Alan.  I'll make it up to you at some point.

You may have heard that there's this big time Captain America film coming out in a couple of weeks and while I didn't want to devote an entire month to episodes about Cap I did want to spend some time talking about the character.  So for the next three episodes Steve Rogers is taking center stage.

Because I am not above shamelessly trying to tie into something big in an attempt to gain new readers and entertain the ones I already have.  

Joining me for this first installment is award winning talk show host Scott Ryfun.  Scott hosts and co-hosts a variety of shows including Earning My Ears (with Scott Gardner), Dinner 4 Geeks (with Jeff, Ryan and Ron...just Ron), Growing Up Star Wars (with Scott Gardner and Chris Honeywell) and the always amazing My Star Wars Story.  He also likes Captain America, so I thought he'd be a good fit for what I wanted to do over the next three episodes.  Our subject (ostensibly) is the Mark Waid/Ron Garney fueled Man Without a Country storyline from their first run with the character.  What follows is a discussion on Waid's work with Captain America both before and after Heroes Reborn, the Man Without a Country story in specific and a good number of tangents.

Good lord in heaven are there some pretty epic tangents.

If you like tangents then this episode is for you.

Seriously...at one point this episode turns into two guys practically begging you to get the Marvel Unlimited App.

Anyway, Scott and I talk Cap and why some of his best stories involve him at odds with the American government, which ties thematically with the upcoming film.  We also discuss some misconceptions people have about Steve Rogers and why Man Without a Country is such a fun story that highlights everything great about the character.

Next Time: Jon Wilson returns to the show to discuss one of the most infamous eras of Captain America ever...Heroes Reborn.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


This one is all you, dear listeners.  I put out the call for feedback with the promise that I would read it on an episode and this episode is where I make good on that promise.  Facebook comments are read.  iTunes reviews are read.  E-mails are read.  I even play an audio email (of sorts) sent in by the always awesome Donovan Morgan Grant.  It's a very raw episode so you might hear things like me saying things like, "I need to cut this out" and "all politicians are lizard people" which I would normally cut out.  

If memory serves (because I tend to forget stuff I say once the recording is over) I think I mentioned that I was on two episodes of Gene Hendrick's awesome The Hammer Podcast.  We discussed the first Superman & Batman: Generations mini-series in the 19th and 20th episode of that show so be sure to check it out and then listen to Gene's other podcasting efforts because anyone that says, "Quasar deserves his own podcast" is a man ahead of his time and I am not being sarcastic in the least when I type that.  

Speaking of guest appearances (which I suck at promoting on this show but then again I have had a bad track record of getting episodes out on time) be sure to head on over to Trentus Magnus Punches Reality to listen to Magnus and I talking about the Marvel event Civil War on episode 143 of that show.  It was a fun episode to record and hanging out with Magnus is always fun.  

Next Time: Dinner with Alan Middleton.  For reals.  We eat and everything.  

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The first thing I want to make absolutely clear is that despite this episode's setting I am in no way trying to rip off the format of the very awesome Dinner 4 Geeks.  That is an amazing show.  Scott Ryfun (award winning radio host), Jeff (Scott's minion). Ryan (the toy geek) and Ron (just Ron) have something special down there in south Georgia.  The fact that this episode was recorded at a restaurant was a matter of practicality more than a desire to be like another show.  So...yeah.

Anyway, back on March 25, 2016 I went to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with my lovely wife Rachel, Jon M Wilson (co-host of The Giant Superman Podcast and host of The New 52 Adventures of Superman), Donovan Morgan Grant (co-host of The Comic Revue Podcast and the now done and dusted The Next Dimension: A DragonBall Z Podcast), Jesse Garrett (also of the now done and dusted The Next Dimension: A DragonBall Z Podcast) and Jesse's wife April.  After the film we went to grab something to eat and as fans do after seeing a comic book film we talked about it.  What followed is a spoiler filled discussion of the movie and I can't stress the spoiler part of that enough.  We talk about what we liked, what we didn't like, the implications of the ending, how the characters were treated and why the cheddar cheese bites were great.  

You know...the important stuff.

No matter how I felt about the film this was one of the best movie going experiences of my life.  It was awesome that Jon came to visit and that Donovan drove from another state through Atlanta traffic to see the film with us.  I'm glad this episode came out as well as it did.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016


All B.S. and a Little WW: Views on the Trinity winds down this week and since I began things with my permanent semi-regular co-host Andy Leyland it feels right to close this series out with him.  Our subject?  Superman: For All Seasons by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale.  It is both fair and accurate to say that For All Seasons is one of my Top Five All Time Favorite Superman Stories Ever and even though Jeffrey Taylor and I will be eventually covering it over on From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast I have been itching to talk about this series for some time now.  Andy and I cover all four issues and when we're not gushing about the artwork we're talking about why we love this series so much.  After that we got off on a tangent about some of the deeper issues this series brings up as well as looking at the "sequels" that Loeb and Sale have done in this era.  

One of them will make you cry.  It made me cry.

Andy hosts or co-hosts a plethora of shows.  Hey Kids Comics, which he hosts with his son Micheal, puts out the occasional episode these days and during this conversation I mentioned that their Happy Birthday Superman series is one of the best examinations of the Man of Steel ever so be sure to download those episodes and give them a listen.  He also co-hosts a show called The Fantasticast with Stephen Lacey and as the title suggests they are discussing the Fantastic Four and have been doing so from the beginning.  Currently they are in the seventies and have just gotten to Marvel Two-In-One.   Then there is Listen to the Prophets: A Deep Space Nine Podcast, which he hosts with Paul Spataro and is about...well, Deep Space Nine.  Andy also has a mostly solo show called Palace of Glittering Delights where he talks about whatever he wants to talk about.  

Next Time: At some point, probably over the weekend, I'll be dropping an episode I recorded with a bunch of friends right after we saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  The next standard episode will be an all feedback show where I go through the email I have received over the last month!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


All B.S. and a Little WW: Views on the Trinity (you know, my series of episodes leading up to the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice) continues this week with a trio of stories that are...a bit different.  In all honesty this episode was the idea of this week's special guest.  A few months ago Stella (she of Batgirl to Oracle: A Barbara Gordon Podcast over at the Batman Universe) suggested that we get together to talk about some Elseworlds stories.  I thought given her love of Barbara Gordon that maybe it would be fun to talk about a short series of back-up stories from the Bronze Age that detailed the adventures of Bruce "Superman" Wayne.  What if the rocketship carrying the baby Kal-El had landed outside of Gotham instead of outside of Smallville?  How different would his life have been?  Would be still become Superman?  The answer to that last question is answered in the strip's title but the other questions...well, they take a bit more explanation.  The road to this Bruce Wayne becoming Superman is odd and once he's in the role things get even weirder.  Want to find out how?  Listen to the episode already!

Stella has been kind enough to have me on Batgirl to Oracle on numerous occasions.  On episodes 26 and 27 we talked about some Bronze Age team-ups between Superman and Batgirl.  On episode 56 we talked about a fun Superman/Batgirl story in DC Comics Presents as well as one of the stories we covered on this episode.  Episode 79 was where Stella and I talked about Barbara Gordon's role in Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Finally I was part of an epic team-up involving Stella, myself, Josh Bertone, Donovan Morgan Grant and Tom Panarese on episode 111.  You like Batman: Knightsend?  How about Zero Hour?  How about Prodigal?  All of those stories get discussed on that jam packed episode.  I want to thank Stella for coming back to Views and for being so generous with my appearances on her show. 

Next Time:  If I can find the time there might be another interlude episode.  If I can't Andrew Leyland will join to talk about one of my favorite Superman stories ever...Superman: For All Seasons.