Tuesday, February 14, 2017


From the vaults of the Fortress of Baileytude comes a lost episode of a show that is now done and dusted.  Back in 2015 Andrew Leyland and I sat down to record a two part episode of Bailey's Batman Podcast that was supposed to be part of a larger series of episodes focusing on Year One stories.  The first part of that series that didn't involve Andy never happened for various reasons and the audio just sat there until I could figure out what to do with it.  I figured that the time to release this audio is now since I am gearing up for a relaunch of sorts later this year.

There was a theme to the annuals DC Comics published in 1995 and that theme was Year One.  The idea was to tell stories set in the character in question's early days.  Batman already had a Year One, Two and Three so instead of rehashing his early days the powers that were decided to focus on the villains.  Andy and I thought it would be fun to dig into those stories (with two exceptions) but before we dug into those we hopped back to 1990 and read Batman Annual #14.  That annual told was all about the origin of Two-Face and had a narrative style very similar to Batman Year One.  More than anything it was a damn good story so we wanted to talk about it.  From there we discussed Batman Annual #19, which detailed the origin of the Scarecrow!

Be sure to tune in next time for the official announcement of the new podcast Andy and I are starting up in May!

Speaking of Andy and podcasts be sure to check out his other shows including Hey Kids Comics, The Palace of Glittering Delights, Listen to the Prophets: A Deep Space Nine Podcast and The Fantasticast!

Also, if you want to hear the episode of the Lonely Hearts Romance Comics Podcast that my wife Rachel and I appeared on just follow this link!

Next Time: More origins of the Bat Villains and possibly a sidekick as well!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


This time out I deliver an epilogue, of sorts, to my Legends series by looking at the four issue mini-series, Shazam: The New Beginning.  Once again I am not alone.  Joining me to talk about Roy and Dann Thomas' Post Crisis revamp of the Big Red Cheese is J David Weter, but we can call him Dave.  After going over our histories with the character we dive into all four issues and discuss the writing, the art, why Billy would have been a fan of the Transformers, Black Adam's ears and I throw in some Johnny Cash music for good measure.  

Many thanks to Dave for coming on the show!  Be sure to check out his podcasting goodness over on Two True Freaks.  Also keep an ear out for The Dave Cave, his upcoming Silver Age Batman podcast!

Next Time: I haven't decided yet.  It might be a lost episode or I might throw something together based on the Patreon suggestions!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


This time out I have an all feedback episode where I read your emails and iTunes reviews!  Past episodes are touched upon and question are asked and answered.  More than anything I wanted to dedicate an episode to everyone that took the time to write and email and leave an iTunes review.

There are some major announcements about the future of Views on this episode.  There is also information about the Patreon thing that I set up and for more information on that please check out this link to see what that's all about.  

I mean I go over it all in the episode but I like to give people options.  

During the episode I mentioned a few podcasts or rather people did the sensible thing and mentioned their podcasts.  Be sure to check out Gene Hendrick's various web stuff over at The Hammer Strikes.  Chris and Cindy Franklin are up to no good over at the Fire and Water Podcast Network.  Patrick Corcoran teams up with his father on Make Dad Read Comics.  Shawn Merek and his wife Jen talk about comics from the '70s, '80s and '90s over at Worst Collection Ever.  Tom Panarese has a bunch of shows over at Two True Freaks.  Professor Alan Middleton and Em Middleton are also up to no good over at the Relatively Geeky Network.

That should cover it.  If I have forgotten anyone I apologize.

Finally, here is the bit of art that Michel Fiffe did for Copra Vs. #2.  I was touched that the thing people use to wind me up could end up in a comic.  Be sure to check out Michel's site and his comics because he is awesome.

Next Time: Dave Weter drops by to do a follow up episode to my Legends coverage.  

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


This is it, folks!  The final chapter of my four part series about the DC Comics crossover event...Legends!  Legends turns 30 this year and I thought it deserved some coverage.  But not just any coverage...oh no...I decided to not only cover the six issue main series but each and every crossover chapter as well.  This time out my guests and I cover the epic conclusion to Darkseid's evil plan to wipe out the very concept of heroism on Earth.  In addition to the conclusion to Superman's trip to Apokolips, the "final" Justice League adventure, a battle with the Time Trapper and an origin for a certain team of villains that form some sort of squad.  

Comics covered in this episode include..

Once again I want to thank all of the guests I had on over the last four episodes.  This series would not have been as epic as it was without them.  I cannot recommend each and every one of their shows enough.

I have gotten a good bit of feedback on social media about this series and the one aspect that has gotten the most attention is the music drops I put before and after each segment.  Here is the full list of songs I used during the course of Legends...30 Years Later.

  • Main Episode Theme - Main Title from the Masters of the Universe score by Bill Conti
  • Batman #401 - Been Caught Stealing by Jane's Addiction
  • Detective Comics #568 - Birdhouse in Your Soul by They Might Be Giants
  • Legends #1 - Holding Out For a Hero by Bonnie Tyler
  • Green Lantern Corps #207 - Bad Attitude by Meat Loaf
  • Legends #2 - Because of You by Kelly Clarkson
  • Cosmic Boy #1 - Once in a Lifetime by The Talking Heads
  • Justice League of America #258 - A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall by Bob Dylan
  • Secret Origins #10 - The Stranger by Billy Joel
  • Firestorm #55 - Let's Hang On by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
  • Legends #3 - Suicide is Painless by Johnny Mandel from the MASH soundtrack
  • Cosmic Boy #2 - Saturday Night's All Right For Fightin' by Elton John
  • Justice League of America #259 - Gypsy Lou by Bob Dylan
  • Firestorm #56 - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by Neil Sedaka
  • Blue Beetle #9 - Time of the Season by The Zombies
  • Legends #4 - Spiraling Shape by They Might Be Giants
  • Warlord #114 - The Great Pretender by The Platters
  • Cosmic Boy #3 - Back In Time by Huey Lewis and the News
  • Justice League of America #260 - Everything is Broken by Bob Dylan
  • Blue Beetle #10 - Time Is On My Side by The Rolling Stones
  • Warlord #115 - My Evil Twin by They Might Be Giants
  • Superman #3 - On The Dark Side by Eddie and the Cruisers (aka John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band)
  • Adventures of Superman #426 - Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye
  • Action Comics #586 - Champion by RuPAUL
  • Legends #5 - Join Together by The Who
  • Cosmic Boy #4 - I Want It All by Queen
  • Justice League of America #261 - Never Say Goodbye by Bob Dylan
  • Secret Origins #14 - Carry On by Fun
  • Legends #6 - You're The Voice by John Farnham
  • Wrap Up - The End of the Tour by They Might Be Giants
  • End Theme - End Credits from the Masters of the Universe score by Bill Conti

And that's pretty much it.  As I said in at the end of the episode this series was so much fun to put together and I am a bit bummed out that it's over.  Someday I hope to get back to covering Crisis on Infinite Earths but beyond that I don't think any of the other crossovers have my love and devotion like Legends does outside of Invasion!  Siskoid and Bass are doing such an amazing job covering Invasion! over at The Fire and Water Podcast Network I wouldn't even think of touching of that series.  So for now this is it for me and DC crossovers.

In my end piece thing I mentioned that The Irredeemable Shag (the Diet Coke of Evil) hosted Justice League International: The Bwa-Ha-Ha Podcast and that Aaron Head Moss hosted The Task Force X Podcast.  Give those a listen.  I think you'll like them.  

Next Time: Nothing next week as I need a break but the week after that I'll have the Views 2017 Christmas Special!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Welcome to the third part of my epic coverage of the DC Comics event Legends!  Legends turns 30 this year and as it is one of my favorite crossovers ever I wanted to give it some love and that turned into a four part series of episodes where I talk about the six issue main series plus ALL of the comics that crossed over into the event with some of the best and brightest in the comic book podcasting world.  This time out we journey to Skartaris, Chicago, the Time Stream, New York City and even Apokolips as we look through seven of the crossover issues that tied into Legends.

Comics covered in this episode include...

Please...for the love of God...and all that is holy...check out the shows I linked to above.  They are all awesome and you will enjoy them.

I mention during the coverage of the Superman issues that I have talked about two of the comics covered on this episode on other shows.  Way back in June of 2009 Jeffrey Taylor and I talked about Superman #3 and Adventures of Superman #426 on Episode 5 of From Crisis to Crisis:  A Superman Podcast.  I also talked about Superman #3 with Andy Leyland and Dave Weter on Episode 159 of Back to the Bins over at the Two True Freaks Network.  

Once again I'd like to thank all of my guests for this series.  I am not being humble when I write that these episodes would not be as awesome as it has been without their contributions.  

Next Time: Legends...30 Years Later concludes!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Welcome to the second part of my epic look at the DC Comics crossover event Legends.  Legends turns 30 this year and I thought it deserved a four alarm, full court press celebration and I really mean the four part because now this series will have FOUR parts not three!  This time out I kick things off with Legends #3 (a.k.a. the book that used to fetch maybe a dollar or two in the back issue bins but because of the Suicide Squad movie it's now a lot more expensive which confuses the crap out of me) and then continue to work my way through the various crossovers and main issues.  There's some Cosmic Boy in there plus more Firestorm and Justice League of America and joining the party is Blue Beetle!  Just like last time I have a fellow podcaster on for each issue and also like last time they include some returning guests and one brand new to the show. 

The comics covered on this episode includes...

Once again I suggest checking out each and every one of the shows mentioned above.  They are all hosted by amazing podcasters and are well worth your time and attention.

This is another long one, folks.  Not as long as last time but as you'll hear in the show I had some reservations about three episodes in a row that run about four hours apiece.  Plus as I write this and as this episode is coming out we are prepping for the American holiday Thanksgiving here at the Bailey house so time is a little tighter this week.  So it's a longer than normal episode but not as long as last time.

(And there was much rejoicing)

Also once again a HUGE thank you to my guests for taking time out of their summers to record their segments.  The only reason this series is so epic is that they were part of it.

Next Time: Legends...30 Years Later continues!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Welcome, one and all, to a Views From The Longbox event!  Starting with this episode and going for at least two more I will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the DC Comics crossover...Legends.  Legends is one of my favorite DC crossovers and I thought it would be fun to cover it here on the show but I wanted to do it right.  I wanted to do it justice.  So instead of simply covering the main series and paying lip service to the crossover issues I got together with the best and the brightest in the comic book podcasting realm to cover each and every main issue and crossover associated with Legends

Some may call this insane or mad or a colossal waste of time but for me it was the only way to go.   

This time out I cover...

Be sure to check out the links next to the names of my guests for this episode.  They all host or co-host fantastic shows that are well worth your time and attention.

Speaking of links I mentioned during my talk with Andy that he and I discussed Batman #400 on an episode of Bailey's Batman Podcast.  Click on this link to check that out if you are so inclined.

A HUGE thank you to the people that took time out of their busy schedules to talk about Legends with me.  The only reason these episodes are as epic as they are is because I had a great group of  knowledgeable podcasters to talk to.  

Next Time: Legends...30 Years Later Part 2!