Michael Bailey has an illness.  While most people would call his comic book collecting a hobby he knows what it really is; a hopeless addiction.  Luckily he has harnessed this personality defect into a weekly Internet radio show.  Mike is a DC guy but likes Marvel just fine.  He prefers the super-hero genre but frankly as long as it is a solid read he’ll try just about any sort of comic.
Mike is a Pieces, (his birthday is February 29th as a matter of fact) enjoys cold weather and enjoys a variety of hobbies that rarely involve the outdoors.
Currently Mike lives in the Fortress of Baileytude, which is carved into the side of a mountain above scenic Fayetteville, GA.  Somehow he has lucked into having a beautiful wife named Rachel, who is very much an enabler and, for some reason, puts up with his dumb ass.  Together they have three fur kids; Boo (the meanest five pounds of poodle you will ever meet), Gracie (who is usually in Mike's lap when he records and edits) and Mayday (Mike's sidekick).

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