Tuesday, January 31, 2017


This time out I deliver an epilogue, of sorts, to my Legends series by looking at the four issue mini-series, Shazam: The New Beginning.  Once again I am not alone.  Joining me to talk about Roy and Dann Thomas' Post Crisis revamp of the Big Red Cheese is J David Weter, but we can call him Dave.  After going over our histories with the character we dive into all four issues and discuss the writing, the art, why Billy would have been a fan of the Transformers, Black Adam's ears and I throw in some Johnny Cash music for good measure.  

Many thanks to Dave for coming on the show!  Be sure to check out his podcasting goodness over on Two True Freaks.  Also keep an ear out for The Dave Cave, his upcoming Silver Age Batman podcast!

Next Time: I haven't decided yet.  It might be a lost episode or I might throw something together based on the Patreon suggestions!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


This time out I have an all feedback episode where I read your emails and iTunes reviews!  Past episodes are touched upon and question are asked and answered.  More than anything I wanted to dedicate an episode to everyone that took the time to write and email and leave an iTunes review.

There are some major announcements about the future of Views on this episode.  There is also information about the Patreon thing that I set up and for more information on that please check out this link to see what that's all about.  

I mean I go over it all in the episode but I like to give people options.  

During the episode I mentioned a few podcasts or rather people did the sensible thing and mentioned their podcasts.  Be sure to check out Gene Hendrick's various web stuff over at The Hammer Strikes.  Chris and Cindy Franklin are up to no good over at the Fire and Water Podcast Network.  Patrick Corcoran teams up with his father on Make Dad Read Comics.  Shawn Merek and his wife Jen talk about comics from the '70s, '80s and '90s over at Worst Collection Ever.  Tom Panarese has a bunch of shows over at Two True Freaks.  Professor Alan Middleton and Em Middleton are also up to no good over at the Relatively Geeky Network.

That should cover it.  If I have forgotten anyone I apologize.

Finally, here is the bit of art that Michel Fiffe did for Copra Vs. #2.  I was touched that the thing people use to wind me up could end up in a comic.  Be sure to check out Michel's site and his comics because he is awesome.

Next Time: Dave Weter drops by to do a follow up episode to my Legends coverage.