Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Welcome to the second part of my epic look at the DC Comics crossover event Legends.  Legends turns 30 this year and I thought it deserved a four alarm, full court press celebration and I really mean the four part because now this series will have FOUR parts not three!  This time out I kick things off with Legends #3 (a.k.a. the book that used to fetch maybe a dollar or two in the back issue bins but because of the Suicide Squad movie it's now a lot more expensive which confuses the crap out of me) and then continue to work my way through the various crossovers and main issues.  There's some Cosmic Boy in there plus more Firestorm and Justice League of America and joining the party is Blue Beetle!  Just like last time I have a fellow podcaster on for each issue and also like last time they include some returning guests and one brand new to the show. 

The comics covered on this episode includes...

Once again I suggest checking out each and every one of the shows mentioned above.  They are all hosted by amazing podcasters and are well worth your time and attention.

This is another long one, folks.  Not as long as last time but as you'll hear in the show I had some reservations about three episodes in a row that run about four hours apiece.  Plus as I write this and as this episode is coming out we are prepping for the American holiday Thanksgiving here at the Bailey house so time is a little tighter this week.  So it's a longer than normal episode but not as long as last time.

(And there was much rejoicing)

Also once again a HUGE thank you to my guests for taking time out of their summers to record their segments.  The only reason this series is so epic is that they were part of it.

Next Time: Legends...30 Years Later continues!


Siskoid said...

Next year's Millennium episodes are going to the EPIC!

Michael Bailey said...

You know...I hate that main series but the crossovers were sometimes quite good.

Not that I am going to do anything with MILLENNIUM. The only other crossover I would want to devote this much time to (outside of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS) is INVASION and I hear that a really awesome podcast is covering that hosted by two really cool dudes.