Tuesday, October 25, 2016


And lo there came an ending...to my series of episodes about the 20th anniversary of Heroes Reborn!  This time out I close things out on that four part flashback by going back to the first series that was put out under the Heroes Reborn initiative.  The Fantastic Four was one of the Marvel properties taken over by Jim Lee and it seems (if Internet chatter is to be believed) that it is the one book that tends to looked back on fondly or at the very least gets a free pass.  To help me examine why this is I have roped in Andrew Leyland and Stephen Lacey, who just so happen to host a Fantastic Four podcast called The Fantasticast.  Their mandate is to read every issue or appearance of the FF in chronological order.  Currently they are in the 1970's but I managed to convince them to hop on to Doom's Time Platform and read the first six issues of the Heroes Reborn Fantastic Four series.  Together we look at the 1990's take on the team's origins and their new first encounters with The Mole Man, Namor, The Black Panther, the Silver Surfer and  of course Doctor Doom.  We also discuss the series and Heroes Reborn in general.  

I wanted to thank Andy and Stephen for getting together on a Sunday to talk about this series.  Be sure to use the link above to check out their site and show if you haven't already and if you like it consider contributing to their Patreon page.  You get some neat bonuses and would be supporting a wonderful show that just shot past its 200th episode.  While you're at it check out Andy's other shows which include Hey Kids Comics, The Palace of Glittering Delights, Listen to the Prophets: A Deep Space Nine Podcast and Keep Em' Flying: A Firefly Podcast.  

And if you are a fan of the Fantasticast you'll enjoy this awesome image made by Samuel Savage, who does their episode graphics!

Next Time: 25 years ago a series called X-Force came out.  Jon M Wilson and I talk about it.  

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