Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Quick warning right from the top; I usually have a PG-13 attitude towards language on this show.  Certain words are okay and certain words I will bleep out.  Because of how this conversation flowed there are a number of F-bombs that get dropped that I didn't bleep out.  Those F-bombs were not due to the quality of the comics that are covered.  They just happened and I felt that bleeping them took away from the point that was being made.

So...headphones if you're at work and you may not want to play them in front of the kids if you are sensitive to such things.

Anyway, my series of episodes marking the 20th anniversary of Marvel's Heroes Reborn initiative continues this time out with what is considered by many to be the worst of the four books of the line.  The Avengers have traditionally been Marvel's varsity super-hero team but by 1996 they, like the other characters and teams that were handed over to Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld, not doing too well.  Rob Liefeld and crew were given the keys to the mansion and the results were...mixed.   Joining me to discuss this roller coaster ride of a book is Jon M Wilson and we have one of those conversations that starts out one way and in the end becomes something else.  Along the way there are flashbacks, movie clips and even a classic television theme song thrown in for good measure.

Jon M Wilson is the host or co-host of a bunch of other shows such as The Giant Superman Podcast, Avengers Inspirations and the New 52 Adventures of Superman.  He has also resurrected Amazing Spider-Man Classics and in the next few months episodes featuring me and Andrew Leyland should be hitting the feed, which were a lot of fun to record and it's neat to be part of that show.  In a few weeks Jon will be back to discuss another Marvel anniversary for this year.

Next Time: The Heroes Reborn series comes to an end with the Fantastic Four!

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I like all the episodes quite interesting and i like most 069 which is really amazing and i had also Watch online spoilers videos on YouTube about episode 249 which are also so interesting...!