Tuesday, April 26, 2016


This time out I am starting a four part series that will pop up randomly over the course of 2016 to celebrate the twenty year anniversary of Heroes Reborn.  For those of you not "in the know" Heroes Reborn was an initiative Marvel launched in 1996 to breathe new life into four of its flagging properties.  To accomplish this goal they brought in Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee and let them reboot the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, the Avengers and Captain America.  Leading off this series is Captain America for no other reason than to tie into the upcoming film Captain America: Civil War.  

Joining me is Jon M Wilson (co-host of the Giant Superman Podcast and host of the New 52 Adventures of Superman) and when I type "joining me" I meant that literally.  Jon spent the weekend at my house when Batman v Superman came out and we thought it would be fun to record this face to face instead of over the Internet.  After checking out the copy of Captain America: The 75th Anniversary Vibranium Edition that my wife got me for Valentine's Day Jon and I dive heard first into the Jeph Loeb/Rob Liefeld issues of Captain America and revel in the energy and craziness and wonky perspective that make up those six issues.  After the break we get into the James Robinson issues of the series and all the retroactive continuity and high octane action that make up those stories.  

Be sure to keep an ear out towards the end of the episode for an exciting announcement regarding future episodes of this show!

Next Time: Andy Leyland stops by to talk about Captain America: Man Out of Time!

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