Tuesday, April 12, 2016


This one is all you, dear listeners.  I put out the call for feedback with the promise that I would read it on an episode and this episode is where I make good on that promise.  Facebook comments are read.  iTunes reviews are read.  E-mails are read.  I even play an audio email (of sorts) sent in by the always awesome Donovan Morgan Grant.  It's a very raw episode so you might hear things like me saying things like, "I need to cut this out" and "all politicians are lizard people" which I would normally cut out.  

If memory serves (because I tend to forget stuff I say once the recording is over) I think I mentioned that I was on two episodes of Gene Hendrick's awesome The Hammer Podcast.  We discussed the first Superman & Batman: Generations mini-series in the 19th and 20th episode of that show so be sure to check it out and then listen to Gene's other podcasting efforts because anyone that says, "Quasar deserves his own podcast" is a man ahead of his time and I am not being sarcastic in the least when I type that.  

Speaking of guest appearances (which I suck at promoting on this show but then again I have had a bad track record of getting episodes out on time) be sure to head on over to Trentus Magnus Punches Reality to listen to Magnus and I talking about the Marvel event Civil War on episode 143 of that show.  It was a fun episode to record and hanging out with Magnus is always fun.  

Next Time: Dinner with Alan Middleton.  For reals.  We eat and everything.  

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BJ said...

Byrne taking a shovel to the face of the silver age. I too hadn't thought of things that way before. I immediately compared it to the first New 52 Superman issue having Lois hooking up with whatshisname and mentioning that she never had feelings for Clark - basically a slap in the face to the pre-Flashpoint continuity.

Now I doubt the creators in either case were actually trying to trash what came before, they were just trying to show the audience that what is happening now is different, and it will be going forward.

The difference is that Byrne and team got to stay on the book and build the world they wanted to for longer than 6 months.

Now with Rebirth, I feel like they are pandering to the loudly complaining fans by giving them what they "want". I think what fans really want is somebody to dig in, and explore the character and their world for several years, and tell good stories. It doesn't matter what color the trunks are, as long as we can expect some consistency in story, character, and creative team from month to month.