Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Before I get into the show notes I want to apologize to Alan Middleton.  This episode was supposed to be the conversation we had when he came to town a month or so back but because of my inability to read a calendar I had to bump that until May.

Sorry, Alan.  I'll make it up to you at some point.

You may have heard that there's this big time Captain America film coming out in a couple of weeks and while I didn't want to devote an entire month to episodes about Cap I did want to spend some time talking about the character.  So for the next three episodes Steve Rogers is taking center stage.

Because I am not above shamelessly trying to tie into something big in an attempt to gain new readers and entertain the ones I already have.  

Joining me for this first installment is award winning talk show host Scott Ryfun.  Scott hosts and co-hosts a variety of shows including Earning My Ears (with Scott Gardner), Dinner 4 Geeks (with Jeff, Ryan and Ron...just Ron), Growing Up Star Wars (with Scott Gardner and Chris Honeywell) and the always amazing My Star Wars Story.  He also likes Captain America, so I thought he'd be a good fit for what I wanted to do over the next three episodes.  Our subject (ostensibly) is the Mark Waid/Ron Garney fueled Man Without a Country storyline from their first run with the character.  What follows is a discussion on Waid's work with Captain America both before and after Heroes Reborn, the Man Without a Country story in specific and a good number of tangents.

Good lord in heaven are there some pretty epic tangents.

If you like tangents then this episode is for you. one point this episode turns into two guys practically begging you to get the Marvel Unlimited App.

Anyway, Scott and I talk Cap and why some of his best stories involve him at odds with the American government, which ties thematically with the upcoming film.  We also discuss some misconceptions people have about Steve Rogers and why Man Without a Country is such a fun story that highlights everything great about the character.

Next Time: Jon Wilson returns to the show to discuss one of the most infamous eras of Captain America ever...Heroes Reborn.

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