Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Once again I find myself part of an epic podcasting crossover and once again it involves the Justice League.  JL MAY 2017 is all about the 12 issue maxi-series Justice and I am lucky enough to be part of it.  This leg of the crossover covers the fourth issue, where things go very wrong for the heroes of the Justice League while the Legion of Doom makes their case to humanity.  Superman getting a beat down...the role of villains in the DCU...Wonder Woman's mission...creepy stuff happening in Ollie's bedroom...all this and more is covered in this episode.  I also go over the DC Direct figures that sprang out of this series because what is more exciting than an audio medium talking about visual items?

During the course of the episode I reference a past episode of this show and the seventh episode of Dorkness to Light.  On those episodes Alan Middleton, Em Middleton and I talk about Kingdom Come.

And here is a full list of of the shows taking part in this year's JL May 2017!

Next Episode: No idea, but it will be swell!


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