Tuesday, September 20, 2016


DragonCon 2016 is over but the fun hasn't ended.  I was fortunate enough to be on a bunch (12 in all plus a few I got pulled up on) of the panels on the American Sci-Fi Classics track this year and while not all of them have to do with comics some of them did.  One of those was the Watchmen: 30 Years, 35 Minutes Ago, which took place on September 5, 2016. This was a fantastic conversation where we talked about Alan Moore as a writer, the themes of the story, the amazing art by Dave Gibbons and we even touch on the prequels that were a published a few years back.

We also take a few shots at the Zach Synder movie.

If you liked what you heard on this panel and want to check out the various podcasts my fellow panelists host they are...

I do apologize for the sometimes spotty audio.  I recorded this with my phone and sometimes it was hard to hear people but I think you can get the gist of what was said.

I also apologize for not getting the name of the young lady in the Silk Spectre costume.  She was very nice and even posed for a picture with us.

Thanks again to Gary Mitchel and Joe Crowe for putting up with me again this year.

Next Time: Get out your favorite paper hats because it's time to celebrate some super-hero birthdays with the 2016 Superhero-versary Panel!

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