Wednesday, July 27, 2016


DC Comics has once again revamped their line.  You might have heard about this.  It's been in the papers.  After five years of creative upheavals and weird directions and just bone headed decisions the powers that be decided that something was missing in the DCU and so they tapped Geoff Johns to craft a course correction for the line.  The result?  DC Rebirth.  

I usually shy away from covering newer comics for a variety of reasons but this is a pretty big deal and...shockingly some might say...I've really liked what DC has been laying down.  So I thought it might be fun to talk about the first month worth of books and I brought a friend along for the ride.  Joining me to this time out is Kevin Cushing, formerly of the Spider-Man Crawlspace Podcast and other fine shows.  Kevin has not been podcasting at all over the past year or so.  Some say he's been on the run from the mob.  Others say that he was framed for a crime he didn't commit and disappeared into the Los Angeles underground.  There's this rumor that he wasn't all that hot on new comics so he's stayed away from the microphone.  No matter the case he's back on Views and I was glad he decided to join me.

After a brief discussion about the DC Univerese: Rebirth one shot we dive into all of the Rebirth comics from June.  We spend a lot of time on the Superman books because it's my show and I am so in love with the new creative regimes on Action Comics and Superman that it just felt right to talk about them for so long.  We also go over Batman, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lanterns, Aquaman and Green Arrow in that order, which just so happens to be the order I read the books when I pick them up at the shop.  It's a fun two hours worth of comic talk.  What titles did we like?  Did we have any problems with them?  Has Rebirth been worth it?  Listen and find out.  

Thanks again to Kevin for coming out to play.  Hopefully we'll get together to record another one of these next month!

Next Time: The father/daughter team of Alan and Emily Middleton stop by to start a two part crossover with one of their shows  that is all about the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Come!

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