Tuesday, March 15, 2016


This week I am not only hosting this bad boy all by my lonesome but also taking care of some unfinished business from the now defunct Bailey's Batman Podcast.  Back in September of 2015 I jotted down a bunch of notes for an episode that would feature a "mix tape" of Batman theme songs.  For various reasons that never happened but I still liked the idea so I decided to take those notes out of storage and use them here.  

After a plea for suggestions on the name for a new semi-regular feature here on Views I get into the music of Batman.  I start with the theme to the first movie serial and go all the way up to the more recent animated films.  Along the way I talk about the sixties live action series, the music from the four films in the original movie cycle, the various animated themes of the Dark Knight and even play a track from one of the Nolan Batman scores.  

During the show I recommended that y'all check out a couple of podcasts.  One of them is The Batcave Podcast, hosted by John S Drew.  It is a great show that explores the sixties Batman series and I was fortunate enough to be the guest on Episode 42 where Jim and I talked about Julie Newmar's last turn as Catwoman.  I also went on and on about a series of episodes Jim Moon did on the Hyponobobs podcast called The Natural History of the Batman.  It is a remarkable series that I will re-listen to every once in a while because it's that damn good. Start with Episode 28 (which is sort of a prologue but not really) and then continue here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.  

Next Time: Stella Bowman returns to Views to talk about the adventures of Bruce "Superman" Wayne! 

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