Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This week kicks off a two part conversation with Editor-In-Chief of Comics Bulletin and writer/editor of the upcoming FLASH COMPANION from TwoMorrows Publishing Keith Dallas. Keith was Michael's editor back when he wrote reviews for Silver Bullet Comic Books and was nice enough to come on the show. Part 1 has Keith and Michael discussing Keith's collecting history, including a little digression into Star Wars. Then you get to hear a preview of sorts of the FLASH COMPANION and some of Mark Waid's thoughts on the Bart Allen Flash series before Mike and Keith get into a kind of haphazard discussion of the Flash and his history.
Two Links of Interest
Comics Bulletin- The site Keith is the Editor-in-Chief for.  It's a great site and even has a column by the freaking awesome Beau Smith
TwoMorrows Publishing- The publisher that is putting out the Flash Companion.  They also have a bunch of fantastic books and magazines that will no doubt put you in the poor house.

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