Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Kingdom Come turns 20 this year.  Alan and Emily Middleton help me talk about it.  


What?  You want more than that?  I mean what else can I say outside of the fact that Kingdom Come is now 20 and that the wonderful daughter/father team of Emily and Alan Middleton were nice enough to stop by to spend about three hours talking about this epic story?


Okay.  I'll put a little more effort into these show notes.

This time out I am joined by the previously mentioned Alan and Emily Middleton (hosts of Shortbox Showcase and Dorkness to Light) to discusses the already mentioned Kingdom Come.  There are many different ways we could have tackled this subject.  The art alone merits its own episode.  We chose to tackle the story from the standpoint of the characters so after a short history lesson and a somewhat entertaining synopsis the three of us dive into the main players of this story.  Superman.  Batman.  Wonder Woman.  Captain Marvel.  The now badly named Mankind Liberation Front.  All of them get thrown under the microscope as we talk about what the stories means to those characters, what those characters mean to us and where things went right or wrong.  I also go over the merchandise, the adaptations and the legal problems that crop up when you publish a companion book to a series put out by a large corporation.

I'd like to thank Alan and Emily for coming out to play and the fun isn't over.  This is actually part one of a two part podcasting crossover event and the second part should be up in a few days over at the Dorkness to Light podcast.  There Alan and Emily were nice enough to have me on to talk about the biblical and spiritual aspects of this story.  Be sure to listen to that episode and everything else these two produce podcasting and blog wise because they're awesome and deserve your support.

Next Time: Thomas Deja stops by to talk about the first eight issues of John Ostrander's Suicide Squad

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