Wednesday, October 12, 2016


After far too many delays I finally present an episode that was meant to come out in August but life had other plans.  Thomas Deja returns to Views to talk about something we've been planning to discuss for years.  

The Suicide Squad.

Specifically the John Ostrander/Luke McDonnell series that started in 1987.  I've been a fan of this book since discovering it around 2000 and the fact that I get to talk about it with a good friend helps.  Tom and I go through the first eight issues of Suicide Squad and discuss the team's first encounter with The Jihad, their loss against the Female Furies, a slight diversion with a guy named William Hell and then their Mission to Moscow.  Rounding this octagon of awesome is a look into what makes the members of the Squad tick.

You might notice that Tom sounds like he is on a land line.  That's because he was on a land line.  I'm really not supposed to talk about it but Tom has been on the run from the government for most of the year.  We had to have this conversation on a burn phone (as opposed to a Byrne phone) and I appreciate him taking a chance by talking to me.  I don't know where Tom is now but I'm pretty sure he's in a small town helping people out because he's awesome.

Next Time: Heroes Reborn Avengers with Jon Wilson!

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